Tramadol for your severe pain worries

A person feels pain when his/her muscles are under strain and haven’t had time to recuperate. The formation of Lactic Acid and the accumulation in the muscles can cause various injuries and the resulting pain. This pain from the injury or bruise or any strain can cause a great deal of discomfort that can come in the way of the person performing optimally under pressure.

For such situations, pain meds have been developed that ease the pain felt by the body. Various pain med pills relate to various intensities of pain. Soma and Tramadol are such pills. Soma is used to treat acute pain, while Tramadol is used to treat severe range of pain. Severe or chronic pain can be a source of great discomfort as it can make the person unable to move even to complete his/her basic daily tasks. Let us know more about Tramadol.


For the chronic and the severe intensities of the pain spectrum, strong pain meds like Tramadol are used. These pain meds are very effective and can make us feel dizzy and drowsy. Tramadol is a generic drug, with its brand version being Ultram. Tramadol was FDA Approved in 2010. Since then Tramadol has been able to help many people with its highly effective analgesic powers.

Tramadol does not actually heal the pain inflicted area. What it does is make sure that the pain sensations don’t reach the brain for us to feel the pain sensations in the body. As the pain med enters the body, the pill breaks down to smaller parts. These small fragments attach themselves to the synapses of the nerves and block the transmission of the pain sensation from the pain inflicted area to the brain.

The medication is metabolized in the liver basically and the metabolites, which are the intermediates of the metabolism process, are excreted out by the kidney through urine. The pain med shows its effect for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. The effect of Tramadol on the body differs from person to person and this is due to the varied levels of physiological tolerance of the person.


·         Tramadol is used for treating severe and chronic levels of pain.
·         In some cases, doctors have also been known to provide Tramadol to patients to ease the impact of post operative surgery.
·         The pain medication is also used to treat the inflammation that comes along with pain, in the nearby vicinity of the pain inflicted area.

Side Effects

·         Nausea
·         Constipation
·         Dizziness
·         Drowsiness
·         In some cases, people have reported to have experienced allergic reactions.


·         Always inform your doctor about any allergies, medications and any ailments that you might have. The purpose of this is to allow the doctor to have the perfect version of the medication in appropriate doses.
·         Never overdose
·         Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid this drug.
·         Cardiac, renal and hepatic patients should avoid the drug, as improper use of the drug can affect these ailments further.
·         Never mix with alcohol
·         Never mix with other pain meds.

Where can I get Tramadol online?

There are various pain meds that are available on the net today. Online Pharmacy Pills is one of the online med stores that one can visit to buy Tramadol online. The key benefits of the pain med are;
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