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Tramadol as a pain killer: Is it better than the rest?


Imagine a world without pain; imagine a world with no ailments. Sounds amazing, right? Well, it is a fantasy too good to be true. The world today has become so full of stress and work demands that people are not able to manage the time for a few hours for themselves. You come back home and hold your neck that is almost stiff with pain. Resting is a slow healing process, and the pain will only recur again tomorrow. Pains like these needs a medication drug that has an immediate action benefit and that can last for a long time.

Tramadol is a pain med with the same characteristics as I had mentioned. Tramadol acts immediately and has long lasting effects. You can buy Tramadol online from various online med stores. Compared to other medications, Tramadol is a rather a safer option compared to other pain meds like Codeine and Morphine. Let us first have a brief idea as to how Tramadol works. 

Mechanism of action

Tramadol shows a selective interaction with the mu receptors. These mu receptors are responsible for nociception. Nociception? Here’s what it means. Say you got your hand injured by a sharp blade, how would you respond to it? You would draw your hand away from the danger? And as time passes you start feeling pain where you were cut. This behavioral response that results in you experiencing the subjective expression of pain is called nociception.

Now back to the working of Tramadol. When these mu receptors are acted on, they don’t “process” this expression of pain as well as they should, resulting in a decreased sensation of pain.

Tramadol also inhibits Norepinephrine reuptake, making more Norepinephrine available for your body’s disposal. This helps in easing the pain in a considerably low amount of time
Tramadol also starts inducing intrasynaptic serotonin. This helps control the pain considerably.

Tramadol vs. other pain relief drugs

Tramadol, Morphine, Codeine are all well known pain relief medications. There have been studies showing side effects for all pain drugs when used for a long time continuously. It’s just a question of the one that has lesser number of side effects. Lets us have a comparative study between these three drugs.

Tramadol vs. Codeine

Tramadol as a pain relief med is more potent than Codeine. Tramadol is shown to have less constipation, euphoric, respiratory depressant effects.

Codeine provides more effective pain improvement, and better tolerability compared to Tramadol. However as compared to Codeine, Tramadol has been known to have fewer side effects and most of them are short term side effects. Codeine is known to make a person drowsy soon after. Tramadol, though more potent than Codeine has far less serious side effects and the side effects wear off soon enough.

Tramadol vs. Morphine

Tramadol and Morphine are used in post-operative conditions. Tramadol however significantly shows lesser respiratory depression than Morphine. Also Tramadol does not induce Histamine release that can result in flushing, reddening or itching of the skin. At proper doses, Tramadol has no effect on heartbeat, left ventricular function.

Different studies have shown:

  • Tramadol may represent a superior choice over morphine for children undergoing adenotonsillectomy, because of its potential to cause less postoperative sedation and respiratory depression
  • Tramadol is as effective as morphine for moderate postoperative pain but it is less effective for severe acute pain 
  • Tramadol has been compared with morphine in patients with post-traumatic musculoskeletal pain in the pre-hospital setting. Intravenous Tramadol 100 mg was equivalent to morphine 5-10 mg, with similar incidence of side effects and similar degree of patient satisfaction 
  • Tramadol has the least osteoporotic effect as compared to morphine 
  • Tramadol has smaller inhibitory effect on gastric emptying compared with morphine.

Best place to buy Tramadol online

There are a various online medical stores where one can buy Tramadol online. Online Pharmacy Pills is one of the best and reliable sites to purchase this drug with its unique features such as;

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Tramadol, with all its pros and cons, is after all a drug, and has its own side effects. Of course, only a qualified doctor could determine if Tramadol were in fact the appropriate treatment but for many people who live with moderate to moderately severe pain, as well as individuals who struggle with depression and anxiety, this drug is a popular choice. As long an overdose is not done and proper precautions are taken, Tramadol with all its benefits and potency, is one of the best drug for pain relief.


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